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Medieval garlic ‘potion’ kills MRSA, researchers find

The study of medicine has been and continues to be a very interesting topic. In a recent study by researchers at the University of Nottingham, they discovered that an ancient medieval ‘potion’ found in a book contained a potential cure to the MRSA infection. The potion was a homespun recipe for eye salve, found in a book called Bald’s Leechbook – a medieval medical text. After conducting a variety of lab experiments on the eye salve and the MRSA superbug, they found that the eye salve surprisingly helped killed it, stating “We were absolutely blown away by just how effective the combination of ingredients was.”

This article proves that medieval texts are not only helpful and interesting to those of us studying English, but to others as well. The fact that it can span such a broad range of subjects and even aid in current day medical research shows how influential and relevant medieval texts remain.

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