Medieval Studies Minor

SUNY Geneseo offers a Minor in Medieval Studies.

Total Credits Required: 18-19 credits

One course from ARTH 171, ARTH 200, HIST 211, HIST 212, and HIST 240*

One course from ENGL 310, ENGL 361, ENGL 366*, FREN 450, INTD 356, SPAN 450

Twelve credits from the following (or those listed above): ARTH 203, ENGL 311, ENGL 381, ENGL 382, ENGL 450, ENGL 454, ENGL 458*, HIST 206, HIST 207, HIST 232, HIST 242, HIST 291, HIST 445, HIST 440*, INTD 354, PHIL 205, SPAN 452, THEA 202 12

*if offered with a topic consistent with Medieval Studies (must be chosen under advisement). Other courses may be substituted for those listed above with permission of the Medieval Studies Coordinator. Students may also enroll in up to six credits of directed study coursework with permission of the Coordinator. Credit earned in genre, period, and slot courses may be counted toward the minor when they contain appropriate subject matter. Students contemplating graduate study are strongly advised to complete Latin through level 201 and/or to become proficient in Arabic, French, German, or Italian through the intermediate level.

No more than half the credits toward the Minor may be used toward a student’s Major.

For more information, please contact Medieval Studies Coordinator Jess Fenn at

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