New Online Open Access Journal: “Interfaces”

An announcement from the New Chaucer Society: New online open access journal Interfaces “promotes connective and interdisciplinary views of the literatures of medieval Europe and explores their place and significance in a world of global literature.” David Wallace has an Afterword in the latest issue, which is on Histories of Medieval European Literatures: New Patterns of Representation and Explanation. Also essays by Elizabeth Tyler, Simon Gaunt, and Karla Mallette, inter alia.

Getting Dressed in the 14th Century

A video shoving how to dress in, and wear, armor (harness) from late 14th century. The harness is a detailed reconstruction based on the effigy of the Black Prince (1330-1376) in Canterbury Cathedral, as well as other relevant effigies, paintings from 14th century manuscripts and late 14th century armour displayed at The Royal Armories in Leeds.